OUR OCEAN PLAYGROUND – Education Day 2016


Wednesday, November 23, 2016 | Halifax World Trade and Convention Centre 1800 Argyle Street, Halifax Nova Scotia

Be part of an exciting event focusing on experiential ocean education. You will have a chance to participate in interactive investigations relating to 4 key ocean sectors in our province, led by regional experts from industry and academia. Participate in hands-on experiences that will link science, technology, engineering and math, with concepts relating to the ocean economy and ecology, careers, innovation & entrepreneurship, and local communities.


All types of farming rely on a good understanding of lifecycles and ecosystems. Learn more about the controlled farming of freshwater and marine fish and aquatic plants, and gain insight into how this growing industry is contributing to the economy of small coastal communities across our region. (French/English)

Marine Renewable Energy

All movement is energy. Find out how energy is being harnessed from tides, waves and currents. Meet local innovators who are on the cutting edge of this technology, and build efficient turbines that best balance the need to capture energy with the interests of preserving aquatic ecosystems. (English)

Marine Optics and Acoustics

Explore how sight & sound and the behaviour of light and sound waves behave and vary in marine environments. Understand how local researchers and innovators use this science to develop technologies that help us to see and hear throughout the ocean – and see how this information helps to inform activities relating to ecology, the economy, and global societies. (English)

Shipbuilding and Boat Building

Investigate how the properties of materials and ocean water influence the design and construction of marine vessels. Explore cutting-edge technologies and careers that are emerging from these booming sectors, and discuss the impact on communities and the economy across the province. (French/English)

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