The Helmholtz Association of Berlin and the Halifax Marine Research Institute have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) focussing on a cooperative approach to marine research. The partnership, made possible by the 1971 German-Canadian Intergovernmental Agreement on Scientific and Technological Cooperation, will formalize the relationship between the two organizations and lead to greater collaboration between Canadian and German researchers. The scope of the MOU will allow for joint effort on data collection in a number of fields within the marine sector including resource management, ocean levels, and marine exploration.

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German Chancellor visits Halifax

German Chancellor Angela Merkel concluded a brief trip to Canada with a visit to Dalhousie University. Merkel toured Dalhousie’s Ocean Sciences research facilities and spoke with students and faculty. The Chancellor and her delegates also toured a scientific exhibition which involved a number of Halifax Marine Research Institute’s partners. Merkel was at Dalhousie for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Halifax Marine Research Institute and The Helmholtz Association in Germany. The MOU is a joint research project entitled “Change, Risks and Resources in the Oceans: A Transatlantic and Arctic Approach”.

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The UN International Marine Organization is working to combat the threat of transferring invasive species to foreign waters through ballast water. New regulations have been introduced to regulate what ships are able to discharge in their ballast water. Ballast water can transfer between 7, 000 and 10, 000 species into foreign waters every day, many of these species are invasive and harmful to this new environment. The Dalhousie Aquatron Laboratory, the only of its kind in Canada, is an indoor test facility which is able to pump water through its system five times faster than other facilities, imitating the ballast flow of large ships. The Aquatron Laboratory is conducting its initial testing of ballast water this month.

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Dal Battles Invasive Marine Life

Dalhousie University unveiled its ballast water treatment test facility. The Aquatron laboratory at Dalhousie is testing ballast water treatment systems manufactured by Trojan UV.  The two have partnered to find solutions for treating ballast water to meet UN standards and prevent the introduction of invasive marine species into foreign water.

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The Halifax Marine Research Institute (HMRI) is proud to welcome the first ever IMBER/LOICZ Continental Margins Group Meeting in Halifax, NS from June 18-20, 2012. The meetings will be held at the National Research Council of Canada offices at 1411 Oxford Street, located beside the Dalhousie University campus.

The meeting will be an opportunity for leading oceans researchers to collaborate and discuss challenges facing our continental shelves. In addition to daily working sessions and discussions, there will be a symposium and panel discussion entitled “Continental Margins Linking Ecosystems and Mankind” held on the final day of the conference.

For a complete listing of speakers, the full meeting agenda, as well as useful information about Halifax please refer to full meeting guide here.

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